Homer Lacrosse Tournament Rules – Cecconi Shoot Out 
Each team must have a designated Head Coach (21 years of age or older). 1st & 2nd Grade Division  
Games will be 30 minutes in length, stopping every three minutes for substitutions (Ten  3 minute running time  shifts per game)·         8 on 8 = 2 Attack, 3 Midfielders, 2 Defense, 1 Goalie·         Smaller Goals·         Smaller Field
·         NO OVER TIME will be played, games will end in a tie. ·         ALL personal and technical fouls will result in a fast break for the team that was fouled. The player who was fouled will be awarded possession of the
ball 7 yards from the face-off X on their offensive side of the field.  All other midfielders (for both teams) must start behind the midfield line. 
On whistle the ball carrier may run in on a fast break with all other midfielders chasing the play.  ·         NO Ten (10) Second clock and NO twenty (20) second clearing clock ·         Player Substitutions may also be made on the fly.  ·         NO Over the Head Checks ·         NO One  Handed Checks·         NO BODY CHECKING, deliberate body checks will be penalized.  Incidental body contact may occur during play  and it will be up to the referees
discretion whether a penalty is assessed ·         NO Long sticks